Our Services

Offering developmentally appropriate language-based services and supports to families, individuals, and educational institutions

School Aged Children

Coordinated care with the student (when applicable), home, and school to identify and provide strategies to support the following needs:

  • Functional Communication Needs
  • Parent coaching for language-based behavioral needs
  • Social Skills/Peer interaction
  • Self-advocacy
  • Comprehension related to curricular material as well as orally presented information
  • Written expression
  • Managing the executive demands of social exchanges and academic coursework

Shared documents/ongoing communication with school allows for gathering of information “in real time” that has a positive impact on the efficacy of outside interventions. Parents are again an integral part of intervention to help the child more successfully generalize learned skills.


Staff training that is unique to the needs of each educational institution. These trainings supply practical strategies that not only support children with language-based needs but all learners.

Individual student/class observation, detailed summary including recommendations, as well as follow-up team meetings to facilitation implementation of strategies.

In school, direct instruction for elementary school students to help develop social/emotional competencies

Comprehensive Speech & Language Testing

Now offering comprehensive speech and language testing for language based learning needs associated with ADHD, specific learning impairment, autism, social pragmatic communication disorder and/or other expressive language needs, and executive functioning weaknesses.

Ready To Work Together?

Ready To Work Together?