All billing policies are discussed with families/schools prior to our first appointment to avoid confusion. All fees are due in full at the time of service and can be paid via cash, check, credit cards or Venmo.





Initial intake appointment

(parents/caregivers only) $350

The fee is based on the time it will take to:

  • Review previous assessment material and school records
  • Communicate with any additional providers working with your child
  • Communicate with your child’s school to determine functional manifestation of areas of need
  • 1 hour session with parents/caregivers to discuss concerns in depth and develop an intervention plan moving forward based on their input as well as the school/provider feedback

Therapy Session

$175 per 50-minute session

Why is a therapy hour only 50 minutes?
At the completion of each session, your provider will write a detailed note to be disseminated to you for home practice and your school/therapy team (if applicable) to facilitate carryover of learned skills.

    Teacher Training/Workshops

    We offer teacher training to help your staff support students in furthering their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic growth. We work directly with your school/staff to develop a workshop/presentation that targets their current concerns (no pre-packaged programs). Price options are available for half day (no more than 3 hours), full day (no more than 6 hours), and custom timeframes (i.e., staff meeting length).

    *Fee Schedule for all options available upon request

    Comprehensive Speech & Language Testing

    *Fee available upon request

    Assessment of receptive (including listening comprehension), expressive (including vocabulary, narrative, and written expression), and pragmatic language through formal and informal measures.

    What does the fee include?

    The fee includes an initial intake appointment, comprehensive assessment, detailed report, and parent feedback. 

    School Observation

    Initial observation, parent feedback, detailed written summary (including recommendations) and follow up teacher meeting to facilitate implementation of itemized strategies: Available upon request
    Subsequent school observation/team meetings: Available upon request

      Direct Social/Emotional Programming for Schools

      We will work with your educational institution to develop 5, 10, or 20 week social/emotional programs that are language-based and literature driven. These programs are not pre-packaged and can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your staff and students.

      *Specific programming and pricing available upon request

      Insurance: I do not participate in any health insurance programs. Upon receipt of payment, we can supply a detailed bill (upon request) with procedure and diagnostic codes health insurance carriers require to consider reimbursement. *Please note that we do not guarantee insurance reimbursement for any services and will not participate in follow up discussion/dispute with any providers




      Ready To Work Together?

      Ready To Work Together?