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Offering developmentally appropriate language-based services and supports to families, individuals, and educational institutions.

Language based solutions for educational institutions, parents, and clinical providers working with children and adults exhibiting social, behavioral, and academic needs

Children with language-based learning differences display unique needs.

Some may be overt but often they are exhibited in subtle ways that have a profound impact on a child’s academic and personal successes. Some children can exhibit “holes” in their development that manifests across the curriculum through needs in the following areas: written expression, self-advocacy, emotion regulation, positive peer interactions, following directions, general comprehension of academic material, and meeting the executive demands of school. Teachers and parents are sometimes unsure how to support these children and may mislabel these needs as behavioral or a perceived lack of effort. It is our job to take a global approach in determining how those deficits impede their success and communicate those needs across the treatment continuum.

All children deserve to be successful and learn to embrace their differences and gifts.

We work with parents, educators, and children to support areas of need, learn to welcome what makes them unique,
and what talents they bring to their shared communities.


Our “whole child” approach to success

Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect in the continuity of care that interferes with generalization of learned skills and impedes children from realizing their full potential. This disconnect hampers success at school or deprives outside care providers of desperately needed information. At Closing the Loop, we draw  on our expertise in communication to focus on treating the “whole child” as an integral part of a clinical care team and ensure ALL team members are informed throughout the process.



Comprehensive Speech & Language Testing

Renee Hartey M.S., CCC-SLP

As a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, I use that knowledge to determine how a student’s needs are manifesting across the curriculum and at home. I support families with scaffolded social/behavioral support including the language needed for communicative success.

I will work closely with your child’s school and outside providers in an ongoing, consultative manner to provide strategies and solutions for challenges related to miscommunication, social skills weaknesses, behavior, self-advocacy, and general comprehension needs.

Ready To Work Together?

Ready To Work Together?