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Renee Hartey M.S., CCC-SLP


As a licensed speech-language pathologist with over 20 years of experience, I use that knowledge to determine how a student’s needs are manifesting across the curriculum and at home. I support families with scaffolded social/behavioral support including the language needed for communicative success. I will work closely with your child’s school and outside providers in an ongoing, consultative manner to provide strategies and solutions for challenges related to miscommunication, social skills weaknesses, behavior, self-advocacy, and general comprehension needs.

In the past 20 years I have developed expertise in the areas of language-based learning disabilities and social learning needs through my work in various settings with children aged 4-18 with ADD/ADHD, social pragmatic language disorder, non-verbal learning disability, social anxiety, and autism. My clinical skills involve developing comprehensive treatment plans that involve all members of a clinical care team and coordinate communication with schools, parents, etc. to coordinate intervention. I train school staff regarding best practice as it relates to the social/behavioral needs of children with language-based learning differences. I work individually with students to identify “how” their needs are negatively impacting their success as well as provide targeted intervention to support those needs.

Drawing on my background as a speech-language pathologist, I am expertly poised to provide consultative support to schools, families, and individuals related to social/behavioral learning needs as well as scaffolded support for the functional manifestation of language-based learning weaknesses. I take a global approach to ensure we are closing the communication loop with all team members to maximize benefit for the child and their family.

Nora Jackson M.A., CCC-SLP


We are pleased to welcome Nora Jackson!

Nora, a Temple University graduate and a member of the American Speech Language Pathology and Hearing Association, joined the practice in 2022. She brings with her a myriad of expertise in neurodiversity having worked in a variety of clinical settings with children from aged 3-21.

Her clinical skills involve implementing and interpreting comprehensive speech and language assessments, providing intervention using evidence-based techniques, and developing and facilitating social skills groups. She works collaboratively with schools, parents, and other providers to ensure continuity of care and generalization of learned skills.

Consistent with our philosophy at Closing the Loop Educational Consulting, LLC, Nora focuses on the “whole” child. In collaboration with other providers, she takes into consideration how emotional, behavioral, social, and attentional needs can interfere with a child’s success and uses that as a basis for her treatment planning.

Intelligent, kind, witty, and caring, Nora is able to develop rapid rapport with children as well as families. This strong rapport facilitates a supportive and safe environment for children and families to grow!

Ready To Work Together?

Ready To Work Together?